It’s been a while…


I haven’t done this in a while now have I?

This Guy Cooks in was first set up in 2014. I had every intention of posting every week about of all the fantastic things I was cooking; until life got in the way. I found I was running out of time to do anything in the job I was in, bringing work back home with me and generally my work life balance was out of whack. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, right? So I took a scarily brave decision to leave and find something else. Some incredible things have happened since then:
This Guy Cooks - the big day
Eleanor and I became engaged to marry! I got down on one knee and proposed under the most spectacular showing of the northern lights in Tromso, Norway. What can I say, it was the right moment, and she said yes!

I found a fantastic new job and have been here ever since.

We married on the most beautiful day in March 2015. Eleanor looked beautiful and I scrubbed up okay I guess! Surrounded by our friends and family I will happily announce it was one of the best days of my life to date!

In august that year we discovered we were expecting and welcomed our darling daughter Constance into the world on the 11th of May 2016. I’m a daddy! Another amazing day. Constance has become my reason for everything and is such a character. She has her moments like every child does but she really has made fatherhood easy.

Oh, and I lost two and a half stone. Difficult I can assure you and I’m still working to go further. I’m going to be adding some recipes from how I achieved this in the This Guy Diets section

Constance is now a year old, and it feels like time has just shot past. I had always said I wanted to revisit This Guy Cooks and give it a good go. I can’t help but think if I don’t do it now I never will.

I believe now more than ever to focus on food is a wise thing. Costs will be going up in the UK post-Brexit (a word I never thought I would want to write ever. Aren’t you sick of hearing about it?) With Constance now brightening our lives it will be important that we sit down and have good, healthy and cost effective family meals together.

So that will be my mission; to find good, inexpensive ways of eating our favourite foods and lowering our weekly bills. Now, this will not become a blog about how to make pasta for 13P a portion when really it’s just spaghetti and ketchup. I’m talking about proper, nutritious and DELICIOUS food just shopped and cooked right. I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully what I find along the way might be helpful to others.

I will still be pushing myself to try to make beautiful new things to try as well! At least on the weekends! I’m still going to be learning about new techniques and generally how to become a better cook!

That’s where I think I will leave this little update. I really look forward to getting back into the swing of things and sharing my passion with you all.




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Steve @ This Guy Cooks

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